Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Cell: 917-208-7314
Email: shat566414@aol.com

Bonfire of the VanitiesHead ProfessorBrian DePalma
The AwakeningsCafeteria WomanPenny Marshall
See You In The Morning          Police OfficerAllan J. Pakula
Call MeNikki (stuntwoman)   
Sollace Mitchell
Trading Places

Party Guest #2

John Landis
Death Wish 3Innoncent Victim
Michael Winner
VigilanteHooker/StuntBob Clark/William Lustig
See No Evil, Hear No EvilArresting OfficerArthur Hiller
Meet Joe BlackNursePaul Breslin
Die Hard w/ a Vengeance    
Police OfficerTerry Leon

RoleStunt Work
Guiding Light Homeless WomanTrue Blue (Cliff Cudney)


Recurring OfficerSpencer For Hire

Math Dragnet 
Metermaid(Conrad Palmisano)
All My Children
Hysterical Woman
Death Wish 3 (Harry Madsen)
Another World 

Nurse (recurring)

Call Me (Peter Hock)
Law & OrderPolice Officer (recurring) The Mob (Peter Bucossi)
As The World TurnsNurse (recurring)True Identity (Phil Neilson)
To Tell The TruthGroup EnsembleMalcolm X (Jeff Ward)
Mike HammerNurse/Police Official
Ford Modeling Agency/Stunt
NurseNurse/PatientPM Magazine/Sandy Richman
Ryan's HopePolice Officer (recurring)
"Better" (short/Zelda Patterson)
PatientStunt Coordinator
CBS-TV News/PromoWoman in elevator/nurse
Once Life To LiveMaid (recurring)
The Vision
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Shirley J. Hatcher


A Real Deal Experience

(718) 495-0819             (917) 208-7314                 shat566414@aol.com                                                                                                                                  

Theatrical Training:  Michael Shultz, Gilbert Moses, Al Fann, Ron Van Lieu. Peter Cass Robie McCauley,                        Prof. Scott Kennedy, Hover Burgess, Barbara Harter, Trent Gough.

Voice: Jimmy Seigler, Edward Swanston, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Danny Holgate, James Weidman, Catherine Slade.

Education: Brooklyn College, (B.A. Theatre), NYU, Graduate School (Theatre Program/18 credits), CCNY (M.A. in Education).

Costumes: police, scrubs, construction, evening wear, homeless, and auto.

Off BroadwaySkills
BOLD IIIMoment (Norman Charles)Sneezing on cue
Burger KingStreet Sounds (East River Players)
Jamaican Accent
MciAt the Bar (Mime Workshop)Licensed Driver
The Meadowlands (Lena Horne)Masks in Black (AI Fann)Power Walking
Crest ToothpasteBeaulah Johnson (Alonzo Players)Cert. Licensed Teacher
Blue Cross/Blue ShieldGingham Dog (Brooklyn College)Screenwriter